Crystal Palace Park London


The Crystal Palace Park Trust

The Crystal Palace Park Trust is working with South Facing Festival to provide a series of community events in the Park, in partnership with Crystal Palace Festival, who will produce and programme the events.

South Facing Festival is in support of Crystal Palace Park Trust and we plan to work with and include as many local partners as we can.

“From the earliest days, world class events have been part of the Park’s DNA. By working with leading promoters, the Trust aims to re- establish its historical role and respond to the expressed desire of park users to see a diverse range of events and activities being offered in the Park. The income generated
by these events will be an important new revenue source enabling the Trust to start a programme of much needed improvements in the Park, such as the restoration of the concert platform. Every penny earned in the Park will stay in the Park.”
The Crystal Palace Trust

“We are delighted that South Facing Festival is coming to the Crystal Palace Park bowl, a beautiful and historic event space, with such exciting plan to reactivate it for the 21st century. We are really looking forward to working with South Facing, the festival’s promoters, on community focused programming for all to enjoy.”
Noreen Meehan, Crystal Palace Festival Director