Crystal Palace Park July 29 – Aug 14

If you have any accessibility / disability requirements please click and fill out our Access Form.

We have a wheelchair-accessible viewing platform available for approximately 10 chairs plus an essential companion. If an essential companion is a requirement then this additional ticket can be arranged free of charge. You should fill out our Access Form to make arrangements and to reserve a viewing platform space in advance.

There will also be approximately 20 disabled / blue badge parking spaces which should be arranged in advance by emailing the same address. These parking spaces are approximately 300m from the entrance of the event along a flat hard surfaced path.

Please note South Facing Festival takes place in a public park and whilst most of the routes to the event within the park are on paths with hard surfaces, within the festival site itself the surface is grass and is sloped towards the lake and stage. Therefore, in wet weather the surface may become uneven and muddy.

Accessible toilets will be available throughout the event site.

All accessibility requests will only be dealt with by fillling out our Access Form . All requests need to be requested 48 hours before the show you are wishing to attend to ensure that these requests can be fulfilled. Any requests after this time will be dealt with onsite and it will be on a first come first serve basis.