Crystal Palace Bowl August 6-29
When do I need to take my lateral flow tests?

Please take your test within 48 hours of your arrival to South Facing Festival. Please remember that your test result can take up to 2 hours to appear in the Covid Status App so it is worth logging your test the night before you are due to arrive.


What is the difference between the NHS COVID-19 App and the NHS App?

The NHS COVID-19 App is required for checking into venues and for test and trace.

The NHS App is required to gain entry into South Facing Festival COVID pass. This app will host your NHS COVIS PASS for the event. The app can be found here.

They are two separate apps.

The NHS COVID-19 App will not be required for South Facing Festival 2021.


I’m having issues with the NHS App

If you are having problems with the NHS App or website we recommend you contact the NHS app team directly here.



What should I do if I’m an International attendee?

If you are not registered to the NHS and therefore can’t download the NHS COVID pass we recommend to take a LFT and register the results on the government website, using your accommodation address as yourresidence postcode. This needs to be done within 48hrs of attending the Festival. You should be sent a text which you will be able to show at the entrance to the Festival.



I’m fully vaccinated, do I need to provide proof of a negative lateral flow result?

No. If you have received both doses of the vaccine 14 days ahead of your first day at South Facing Festival you will not need to take a lateral flow test. If you are aged 18 or over and are registered with a GP in England you can provide proof of your vaccination status through the NHS Covid Pass in the NHS App , or via a printed PDF document if you do not have a smartphone.

Ticket holders from Scotland can access their vaccine status here, and ticket holders from Wales can access theirs here

All other ticket holders, including those from Northern Ireland will be required to show a negative NHS Lateral Flow Test taken within 48hrs of attending the event in order to gain entry via NHS text message or email.



Does everyone need to take a Lateral Flow Test?

This will depend on the status of your NHS COVID pass. All attendees will be asked to show evidence of their COVID Status on the app. Attendees that are 12- 18 plus will need to show evidence of a negative Lateral Flow Test via text message or email. If you are aged 18 and above you will need to show evidence of your COVID status via the NHS COVID pass. Attendees under the age of 12 do not need to show evidence of a Lateral Flow Test.


Can I come to South Facing Festival if I’m not fully vaccinated?

Yes however you will need to show proof of a negative NHS Lateral Flow Test to gain entry to the event.


How do I obtain a lateral flow test?

You can either:

Order to your home address here.


Find out the nearest location to pick one up near you here .


What should I do if I test positive for COVID-19 using the Lateral Flow Device?

Anyone presenting with a positive Lateral Flow test needs to isolate immediately and follow NHS guidance.


What if I don’t have a smartphone and cannot use the NHS App or NHS website?

If you do not own a smartphone or computer you can still log a negative lateral flow test result by calling the phone number in your test kit’s instructions. After registering you will receive a text message confirming your negative test result from NHS that you can provide upon entry to the festival. 

If you are fully vaccinated you can request an NHS Covid Pass Letter via the NHS Website. The letter may take up to 5 working days to reach you, so ensure you order in good time before attending the Festival.


I have been told to self isolate, what should I do?

If you’re told to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace or through the NHS COVID-19 app before the event you must self-isolate immediately and follow NHS Guidance.

This means you will not be able to attend South Facing Festival so please act responsibly, stay at home to protect your fellow festival goers and the wider community. 


What if I, or someone coming to the event is identified as a close contact before or whilst we are at the event?

If this happens prior to or while at the event then you will need to isolate for ten days. If you are at the event, you will be required to leave immediately and return to your home address in order to complete your period of self-isolation and continue to follow advice from Test and Trace.

Close contacts have to isolate for 10 days irrespective of their own test results, therefore should leave the event immediately and follow advice from Test and Trace.


Do I take the test at home or arrival?

Please take your lateral flow test at home within 48 hours of arriving at the event. There will be no facilities on site for you to take your lateral flow test.


When can I take my mask off/stop social distancing?

Once you have shown proof of your negative test – this will be done at the entrance to the event. 

We would still recommend all attendees to wear masks in areas of high density however this will not be enforced.

There will be no social distancing at the event.



What additional measures are we implementing due to COVID-19?


There will be additional hand sanitation points throughout the site and the event has regular cleaning regimes and standards which we will ensure is enforced and tracked throughout the event.

There will also be regular deep cleansing of the site weekly of high touch points areas including staff areas, welfare, medical and toilets.

We would still advise all ticket holders to ensure they are washing and sanitising their hands regularly.


We have decided that all staff who will be working in close proximity with customers and other staff will still be expected to wear PPE. These include Bar staff, Food traders, Security and Stewarding staff and Welfare/Medical staff.

Attendees will not be required to wear face masks however we would encourage it in areas of high density (i.e on arrival at the entrance to the event).


All staff working at South Facing Festival will be expected to abide by the same restrictions as ticket holders before they start work at the event. This also extends to Artists who will be playing at the event.

Ticketed Capacity

South Facing Festival have taken the decision to not sell to our full capacity in the first year due to uncertainty with COVID restrictions. We will monitor this throughout all of the shows but our main priority for this year is knowing that all ticket holders feel safe at the event.

Due to the fact we can not enforce social distancing at the event we wanted to ensure that attendees have space to feel comfortable if they need it.


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