Crystal Palace Bowl August 6-29

Our guide to South London’s best dining. Please note: Other Restaurants DO apply. South London is packed with incredible and varied restaurants – this is our selection.

Forza Wine - Peckham

It wouldn’t be a foodie guide without a Forza Wine mention. Forza Wine is Peckham’s answer to a rooftop restaurant that includes stunning views of the city and an extensive wine list. It’s classy, without the crazy price tag. Think of lots of small plates for everyone to dip in and out of (if you like that sort of thing). Plus, as if the temptation wasn’t enough you can just go right ahead and order the entire menu. It’s pretty wild.

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Joanna's - Crystal Palace

Born in 1978, Joanna’s is truly a South-East London staple. Pathing the way for generations of restaurateurs to choose this gorgeous area as its stomping ground. With a rich menu of British favourites and international flavours, from Guinea Fowl Gnocchi to Slow-cook Pork Belly (Vegetarian options too). This really is a restaurant for the absolute foodies of you, looking for a delicious but different menu. Side note, they have incredible cocktails.


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400 Rabbits - Crystal Palace / Nunhead

Every good food list needs a pizza mention and none is more worthy than Nunhead born 400 Rabbits. With a location just a skip away from Crystal Palace Park, it’s absolutely worth the visit. Famous for their sourdough pizza, they get the perfect rise on their crusts. Yes we went technical. They have a huge selection of interesting and unboring flavours you can choose from 

If you don’t fancy eating in, they do take out too! Plus their desserts are to die for.


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Friends of Flavours - Penge

Italian food, our favourite. With experienced Italian chefs, their food is fresh, flavoursome and DING DING DING authentic. With a huge pasta menu (and I mean huge) you can choose anything from Penne Gorgonzola to Linguine King Prawns OR Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli. Or, if you’re feeling particularly meaty how about a Milanise Chicken? Or Calfs Liver tickle your pickle? Yeah we’re getting adventurous now.

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Gurkha's - Sydenham

Sydenham’s Nepalese and Indian cuisine. With a huge curry, packed full of colours and flavour – it’s the perfect place to get that comfort food we also love, at the highest quality. Named after Nepalese soldiers ‘Gurkha’s’, they quite literally pride themselves on being honest, loyal and resilient. But most importantly… the food is incredible.

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